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The Music Hall was built in 1885 and presents many challenges in terms of meeting the accessibility requirements that are placed on today's buildings. We are working to address the accessibility shortcomings of the theater and the backstage area as soon as possible. Below is a brief description of where we are today. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it : (914) 631-3390 x101.

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Buying Tickets

For patrons in wheelchairs, there are seats reserved for all shows on the left side of Orchestra left. Please call (914) 631-3390 x100 to reserve these seats.

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There are reserved parking spaces for vehicles with disabled drivers: 1) In front of Taste of China at the corner of Main Street and Kaldenberg Place; 2) In front of Lefteris Gyro at the corner of Broadway and Main Street; 3) Behind the former Wachovia Bank at the corner of Neperan Avenue and Broadway.

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There are no stairs leading in to the main Orchestra Level of the theater. The entrance is a downhill slope. The sloping angle is steeper than an ADA-ramp, so if you are in a wheelchair, you will likely need some assistance going up or down. There are no elevators, so the balcony level is not wheelchair-accessible.


Both of our restrooms are located about six steps below the orchestra level and are therefore not accessible to everyone. There is a Unisex accessible restroom on the orchestra level, adjacent to the Ladies' Room entrance.


Dressing Rooms can be accessed by wheelchair with some effort. Restrooms are small, but there are no stairs. There is a short staircase leading up to the stage level. The stage is slightly raked.


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